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Getting over the hurdle of starting a new business and the challenges that follow requires a vast amount of determination, patience and effort. Freelance Legal Services Limited will help you along the way. Easy access to cost-effective legal advice is a service that I offer to SME’s when most legal firms are only looking to service the bigger companies. I can, through flexible packages, offer an all round legal service which can ensure that SME’s don’t fall foul of faulty commercial contracts, employment issues, best advice on any M&A, IP and copyright matters, Data Protection, partnerships, shareholder and other corporate agreements and insolvency and restructuring. Costly mistakes can be avoided giving SME’s a better than average opportunity to develop their products and services and grow their businesses.
28 Yrs Experience


Shareholder Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between the owners of a company that defines their roles, rights, and obligations as shareholders in the company.

If you are sharing your business with another party then this is the service for you.


Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement is a written legal instrument that formalises the purchase of a business or significant business asset. It details the structure of the deal, price, limitations, and warranties.

This agreement finalises the terms and conditions of the sale the negotiations between the buyer and the seller.


Share Purchase Agreement – spa

A share purchase agreement (SPA) is a binding legal contract between two parties and commits a buyer and a seller to a transaction for the sale and purchase of shares in a company. The agreement finalises the terms and conditions of the sale so make sure your SPA is robust by instructing Suzanne Harley-Davies.


IP Transfer

There are several circumstances under which intellectual property may need to be, or is, transferred to another. This process is often more complex than simply acknowledging the transaction between the two parties so a robust IP Transfer Agreement will make sure all obligations, rights, and expectations are aligned.


IP Rights Advice and Consultation

Have a question about your IP? Not sure if you are compliant? Or maybe you’re worried about someone else stealing your IP?

All these worries are valid and can be helped with if you consult a professional and get clarity on any of your IP questions.


Terms and Conditions Review

With the world in constant motion and change of circumstances, it is crucial to remember that your terms need regular updating to make sure you can rely on this key document as and when needed. Now you can receive a review of your document at a fixed and affordable fee from an experienced legal expert.

This service is specifically designed for businesses in the transport/tourism/travel industry but can easily fit any other sector (do reach out if you need a tailored service).


Investors Agreement

Are you in talks with your investors? Do you need a solid Investors Agreement to outline the shares and conditions of the transaction?

An investment agreement deals with the subscription for shares by the investors in return for the investment monies. The investment agreement should bind all investors participating, including any separate funds that are investing so if this sounds like a document your business would benefit from then keep reading below!


Licensing agreement

If you’re thinking about granting another party with a license to use your brand name or intellectual property, a professionally written document is the way to go. Choose one of our experienced lawyers to draft a Licensing Agreement that is compliant with the law.

When you’re expanding your business and breaking into new markets, it can be cost-effective to share your brand name, trademark, intellectual property or patented technology with another person or business.

To make this partnership work, it is highly recommended that both parties sign a licensing agreement. This contract will legally allow the licensee to use and earn revenue from your service/product or intellectual property as you see your brand and reputation protected.

If you’re a business owner trying to make more sales or have a patented technology to expand, for instance, and you’re granting a license to another party know that this is the path to follow – having a fool-proof licensing agreement drafted by an experienced lawyer.

The license agreement creates healthy boundaries between you and your licensee and clearly sets out the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties, including the terms of usage.

Before hiring a lawyer for this service, please have in mind:

  • This service is only for drafting a licensing agreement.
  • If you have received a licensing agreement that you would like a lawyer to review before you sign, please see our service for reviewing documents.
  • If you’d like a lawyer to review your existing licensing agreement to advise on its effectiveness, please consult the service for reviewing documents.

£250.00 +VAT

Consultation with a Commercial Lawyer

Commercial issues crop up all the time in business. Our lawyers can give you
a steer on the problem you’re facing, so that you can understand the legal
aspects and make an informed decision on your next steps.
Our lawyers can help you with commercial matters and agreements relating to:

  • Confidentiality
  • Distribution
  • Franchising
  • Outsourcing
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Sale of goods
  • Supply of services
  • Procurement
  • Product liability and safety
  • International trade
  • E-commerce

Speak to one of our experienced commercial lawyers to get clarity on your commercial matter.

£250.00 +VAT

Partnership Agreement

If you run a business with at least one other person, and your business is not a limited company, then you should have a partnership agreement in place. That’s the case even for family-run businesses, which tend to have more informal arrangements.

A partnership agreement sets out how the relationship between the partners and how partners interact with each other. It will clarify important issues such as:

  • How profits are distributed
  • How decisions are made in the business
  • What happens when a partner retires or leaves the partnership
  • How you’ll deal with disputes between the partners

This service is for drafting a partnership agreement, in circumstances where the key terms of business are already agreed upon between the partners. If you would like a lawyer to review a partnership agreement that has been drafted elsewhere, in order to advise you on your risks and rights, please select our reviewing documents service.

£225.00 +VAT

Franchise Agreement

Creating a franchise can be a great way to grow and expand your business. To start your franchise operations, you’ll first need an airtight franchise agreement to govern and define the legal relationship with your franchisees.

A franchise agreement will:

  • protect your reputation
  • set out your franchisee’s obligations
  • clarify your own obligations
  • define the duration of the agreement and what happens if either party wants to terminate early
  • explain how to deal with disputes

Your lawyer can draft you a franchise agreement that works for your business and is compliant with competition law and the relevant code of ethics.

This service is for franchisors who want to draft a brand new franchise agreement.

If you are a franchisee and you would like a lawyer to review your franchise agreement, please see our service for reviewing documents.

£325.00 +VAT

Consultancy or Service Agreement

Need an extra pair of hands in your business, without taking on additional staff? Engaging the services of a consultant may be the answer. A consultant can plug the gap in the skills of your current employees, or act as an extra pair of hands during particularly busy periods.

A consultancy agreement is a contract between your company and a consultant for the provision of services. Some consultants deliver their services via a Personal Service Company (PSC). Their PSC is a limited company and the consultant is usually the PSC’s sole employee and director.

The important characteristic of a consultancy arrangement is that it does not create an employment relationship. In order to engage a consultant via a PSC, you may also need to prepare a “Status Determination Statement”, and your lawyer will discuss this with you.

The consultancy agreement will clarify important issues such as:

  • Scope of the consultant’s role and responsibilities
  • Undertakings from the individual on behalf of the PSC
  • Payment terms
  • Duration of the engagement
  • Treatment of your confidential information
  • Expected deliverables or time commitment

With a consultancy agreement in place, both parties have a clear understanding of their business relationship from the outset.

£200.00 +VAT

Asset Purchase Agreement (Seller)

Are you selling your company? If you’ve found a buyer and you’ve agreed on an asset sale, you’ll need the right paperwork to make it happen. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you can make sure you get the best deal for you and your business.

Our lawyers will draft your documents, negotiate with the buyer and keep you up-to-date along the way. You can proceed with the transaction with peace of mind that you have a legal representative acting in your best interests.

£1,200.00 +VAT

Asset Purchase Agreement (Buyer)

Are you looking to buy a company? It can be surprising how much paperwork is involved in legally transferring ownership, and, understandably, it may get overwhelming! But don’t let that stop you. With an experienced lawyer on your side you can feel secure in your purchase and continue your entrepreneurial journey without worry.

Our lawyers will draft your documents, negotiate with the seller and keep you up-to-date along the way. You can proceed with transaction with peace of mind that you have a legal representative acting in your best interests.

£1,200.00 +VAT

IP transfer agreement

As a start-up business, you might need an IP transfer agreement to provide assurance to your investors that you have freedom to operate. Or, you can use an IP transfer agreement as part of a business sale. The IP transfer agreement gives the purchaser the rights they need to use the IP as required.  It makes sure that all obligations, rights, and expectations are aligned.

£275.00 +VAT

Review Commercial Lease

You’ve found the perfect premises for your business and now you’ve received a commercial lease from your landlord. These leases can be lengthy and complicated. It can feel like a minefield to decipher what’s expected from you. You might not know which clauses are ‘industry standard’ and which ones are red flags.

Your lawyer can review the lease with your best interests in mind. They’ll highlight the onerous or unusual clauses that you may want to renegotiate. You’ll know exactly what you’re signing up to and whether you can use the premises in the way you intended. You can plan for the risks and obligations imposed on you by the lease and position your business in advance to manage the risks appropriately.

£350.00 +VAT

Employee Handbook

Growing your team? As you take on more employees, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive employee handbook. Your employees can refer to it (alongside their employment contract) if they have questions relating to their duties and rights.

The handbook sets out policies and procedures such as shared parental leave, anti-bullying policy, and policies for sick leave to name a few. It’s an important document for your business, ensuring that all your employees are treated fairly and that your staff know what’s expected of them.

£225.00 +VAT

Employment Contract

When your business is growing and you’re ready to take on new staff, you’ll need a clear, professionally drafted employment contract for each of your new hires.
All new members of staff must receive an employment contract on or before their start date, so you need a contract to hand that you can tailor to your employee before they begin.
Our lawyers will draft a template employment contract for you, which ensures that your business is compliant with HR law.

£275.00 +VAT

Become a Sponsor

In order to employ someone to work for you who currently lives outside of the UK, you’re likely to need a sponsor licence for your business or charity.

As a sponsor, you’ll be able to head hunt certain candidates from overseas, and you’ll have a much wider pool of talent to choose from for recruitment purposes.

Our lawyers can draft and submit the relevant documentation for you. They can advise you on your ongoing obligations as a sponsor so that you can put in place all the required arrangements.

£275.00 +VAT

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legally binding document that gives your business protection when you share confidential information with a third party. It’s also known as a Confidentiality Agreement.

Third parties can potentially use leaked confidential information to give your competitors an unfair advantage, or harm your business in other ways. An NDA prevents contractors, consultants, and employees from revealing your trade secrets. The party or parties signing the NDA agree that sensitive information they may obtain will not be made available to anybody else.

This service is for business owners who need a new Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect confidential information that they provide to third parties in the course of their business dealings.

If you have received an NDA which you would like a lawyer to review before you sign, please see our service for reviewing documents.

Or if you’d like a lawyer to review your existing NDA to advise on its effectiveness, please consult the service for reviewing documents.

£100.00 +VAT

What my clients have said

Simple, easy and clear.

Rated 5 out of 5
30 August 2022

Suzanne is an expert in liquidation (amongst other legal matters). She explains things well and breaks things down for ease of reading. Great communicator.

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