Suraj Rana

Suraj Rana

Sole Legal
I am the founder of Sole Legal Services, a one-man band legal document service. After 5 years in the legal industry, I decided to go at it myself because I felt my clients needed something different. I help clients with contracts, agreements and guidance. My clients are high-growth start-ups that need bespoke documents drafted for the safety of the business and the security of the shareholders. I work with start-ups that are at the very early stages all the way to those that are raising 7 figures. I bring my experience, common sense, business acumen, and a cost-effective approach to my clients. I have a large global network that my clients can leverage, this includes tax and accounting experts.
5 Yrs Experience


Start-Up Terms and Conditions

Start-Up Terms and Conditions Document Service – protect your business right from the start When launching a new...

£1,000.00 +VAT

T&C Review and Incorporation of Changes

Are you worried about your Terms and Conditions document? Maybe it is time to get a legal professional...

£1,650.00 +VAT

Legal Email/Letter Service

Do you need to demand something from your client, set boundaries, or simply communicate information to another party...

£185.00 +VAT

Start-Up Package

Are you at the beginning of your business journey and require guidance and a draft of terms from...

£950.00 +VAT

Fundraise Package

Your business is expanding and you’ve secured investment but the paperwork you are presented with is unclear. Legal...

£250.00 +VAT

Company Growth Package

Are you an early-stage company ready to expand? Looking to bring on new employers or shareholders? Although exciting,...

£250.00 +VAT

Shareholders’ Agreement

Have you introduced another person to your company or are looking to set one up with someone else?...

£2,000.00 +VAT

What my clients have said

With thanks to Suraj our partnerships are live and working

Rated 5 out of 5
9 March 2022

In need of extremely quick commercials being reviewed and re-written between multiple countries, Suraj provided lightning speed actions in addressing what only looked like a complicated business decision for a small start-up company.
This was a pivotal moment for our company with time being a critical factor we were previously looking like missing out on valuable partnerships and after previously being offered legal advice by other high street names with no clear indication of the final end costs for both the review and changes needed things were looking dire.
With thanks to Suraj our partnerships are live and working today and helping us to nurture and grow our small specialist managed service provider.

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Sole Legal
The idea for Sole Legal Services came from my networking during my downtime in between contracts.

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