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Reina D'costa

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With 20 years of experience in the legal landscape, I am the Founder and Managing Director of the SME 2020 award-winning Legal and Business Consultancy Bizlaw U.K., which is proud to be listed on the UK inward investment directory as an advisor business and assisting the Harrow borough with scaling up 80 entrepreneurs. A Solicitor with General Counsel experience, good at problem-solving, and a skilled multi-tasker, in the world of business, media, and cross-border work. I help businesses and content creators become risk-free, legally compliant, and grow. I have a dual qualification, am encouraged and thankful for great testimonials, have a proven track record with multinationals and start-ups, as well as achievements across new territories and services. Having advised senior management in all areas of law, both as Sole In-house Counsel and in private practice, as well as assisting clients through my connections, I strive to be adept at understanding the commercial needs of a business. Passionate about utilizing my expertise and network, (I was a voted top 3 LinkedIn connected woman in my sector for 2015 ) through my innovative One-stop legal and business services consultancy Bizlaw U.K., my aim is to benefit businesses and individuals, with a personalized, practical, and proactive approach to consultancy and a view to reducing risk. My motto has always been “Prevention is Better than Cure!” Clients include Film and TV Producers, Distributors, Broadcasters, Online and E-commerce platforms, start-ups, entrepreneurs in various sectors, and owner-managed businesses and individuals, as well as larger entities and international clients. I also provide consultancy via various legal service providers including law firms and handle interim roles remotely.
20 Yrs Experience


Trademark Registration with Searches (UK)

How do you know your business is and will remain unique? Instruct a lawyer you can trust to...


Franchising Agreement

A franchise agreement creates a franchise relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee. As a franchisor, your franchise...


Distribution Agreement

Are you a supplier of goods looking to work with a distributor? A distribution agreement is a legal...


Licensing Agreement

Are you a trademark owner looking to share your trademark within healthy boundaries? A licensing agreement allows one...


Asset/Share Purchase Service

Rather than acquire all of the shares in a company and therefore, both its assets and liabilities, very...


Head of Terms Agreement

Heads of Terms agreement is a document setting out the main terms of a commercial agreement reached between...


Customer Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions (“T&C”) document sets out the agreement between you and your customer or client. This...


Supplier Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions (“T&C”) document sets out the agreement between you, a client, and your supplier. This...


Consultancy Agreement

A Consultancy Agreement is a contract for services between an independent contractor (a self-employed individual) and the client...


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sharing confidential information about your business with a third party? Then getting a Non-Disclosure Agreement (also known as...


Shareholder Agreement

Looking to share your business? It is a good idea to set the ground rules early and avoid...


Bespoke Privacy & Cookie Policy

Do you run an e-commerce business or do you have a marketing website? This service will ensure you...


Bespoke website Terms and Conditions

In a digital age, it is essential that a business operates a website and any website needs to...


What my clients have said

I'd recommend Reina to anyone!

Rated 5 out of 5
26 January 2022

I would recommend Reina to anyone who is looking for professional advice on business law, International Law, defining the right contract for you and your employee. She was very professional in understanding my requirement and advising accordingly. The process she use was very user friendly and was technical language was easy for a layman to understand which is what we expect from a professional. Thank you Reina. best of luck and keep up the good work.’

The lawyer we'd been looking for.

Rated 5 out of 5
26 January 2022

We looked for the right lawyer for quite some time, but were glad when we finally found Reina. Looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship. Highly recommend her services!


Rated 5 out of 5
18 January 2022

We worked with Reina over the last couple of months on two business projects and she was always professional, quick to respond and gave great advice. Having used other legal advice & support in the past we wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Reina now for any future Legal work.

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