Mirian Parker-James

Mirian Parker-James

The Contract Doctor
Mirian is experienced in all aspects of commercial contracting. She provides advice to a variety of clients on a broad range of legal and business affairs. After 10 years of offering specialised and accessible services, predominantly in the recruitment sector, Mirian is ready to tackle and consult on any legal issues that may arise in your business.
10 Yrs Experience


PAYE Contract

Is your business picking up and the team growing? You may need a PAYE contract. The PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn)...

£650.00 +VAT

Client Consultancy Agreement

A Consultancy Agreement is a contract for services between an independent contractor (a self-employed individual) and the client...

£650.00 +VAT

Website Package

Do you run your business online? If so, then you must have data protection documents in place. This...

£750.00 +VAT

Staff Contract and Handbook

Growing your team? A staff handbook and a staff contract are the go-to documents employees can refer to...

£1,200.00 +VAT

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The Contract Doctor
The Contract Doctor aims to give start-ups and SME recruitment companies access to affordable legal and compliance advice thereby reducing risk and aiding with business development.

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