Layla Parsons

Layla Parsons

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Layla graduated with a 2.1 Law from the University of Sussex in 2004 and gained a distinction for the Post Graduate Diploma in Legal studies from City Law school in 2006.  She has worked in the legal industry for over 10 years, both for solicitors and inhouse legal for a PLC. She has experience drafting standard contracts (NDA's, supplier/service contract t's and c's, employment, consultancy, employee handbooks/policies e.g. health and safety, privacy, and data, website t's and c's, etc) and more bespoke commercial agreements e.g influencer, commission, licensing, joint venture, sponsorship, etc. She is able to support a business with its commercial strategy, early-stage negotiations, and assistance with Heads of Terms/MOU's/Letter of Intent. Layla is able to provide input on corporate matters e.g. board resolutions, shareholder agreements, director service letters, etc.  Beyond this, she has also cross qualified as a speech and language therapist and enjoys using her communication skills to support client understanding of both complex legal concepts and language.
10 Yrs Experience


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£520.00 +VAT

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