Kerry Gibbs

Kerry Gibbs

BEB Contract and Legal Services
Starting a business can be scary, getting legal advice even scarier. I believe that with our fixed prices and approachable attitude we make our clients feel very at ease. The world of legal fascinates me and whilst I enjoy all aspects of my work, I specialise in B2C and data privacy. I give straight-to-the-point advice and provide all my services to that effect.
4 Yrs Experience


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Get an NDA in place before you share your business secrets with a third party. A Non Disclosure...

£499.00 +VAT

Shareholders’ Agreement

Are you thinking of setting up a limited company with a friend or are you already running one...

£499.00 +VAT

GDPR Package

Data Protection Act or GDPR UK protects the personal data of individuals. Your business is likely to handle...

£399.00 +VAT

Letter Before Action

Are you dealing with a difficult client who won’t fulfill an invoice? Maybe you are being ignored or...

£150.00 +VAT

Letter Before Action Package

Are you in a contractual dispute with another party or individual? Maybe it is a client not owning...

£390.00 +VAT

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BEB Contract and Legal Services
We provide you with practical terms and conditions, contractual documentation, shareholders agreements, contract management, and support services. All our services are bespoke and personal to your business.

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