Iain Lock

Iain Lock

Non-Practicing Solicitor
20 Yrs Experience


Iain is a solicitor with over 20 years of experience in advising SMEs, start-ups, charities on all areas of employment law and HR. Iain has owned and run a number of legal businesses over the last 20 years and this experience enables him to be able to advise his clients with a greater understanding of their requirements and what they are looking to achieve. Delivering a legal service in way that a business would expect from any of its partners is very important to Iain and Q&A HR. Outside of work Iain is a keen sportsman and regularly plays squash and cycles. He also is a coach at Wodson Park FC in Hertfordshire. Iain enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children.

Practise Areas

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Contract Drafting
  • Employment
  • Human Resources (HR)

Industries worked in

  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment & HR

Usually works with

  • Sole Trader / Freelancers / Self-Employed
  • Microbusiness (up to 10 Employees)

Experience working in

  • United Kingdom

Languages spoken

  • English


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Services Offered

Casual Workers Contract

As of April 2020, it has been a legal requirement that all new members of staff receive an employment contract on or before their start date. This includes casual workers who work on an adhoc basis, seasonal workers and staff on zero-hour contracts. Employment contracts ensure that staff operate effectively and professionally, and also help in avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes. Whilst it is important that your business interests are protected, it is vital that your employment contracts are legally compliant.

For a one time fixed-fee, I will draft a Contract for Casual Workers based on your requirements and as specified below.

£275.00 +VAT

Contract for Self Employed Staff

Due to the nature of the work, sometimes a self-employed arrangement is more suitable for both parties who want to work together, for example, the work may be infrequent or irregular. Under this arrangement, the worker invoices you and they are responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance. You need to be careful not to take on someone as self-employed if they are not truly self-employed.

When you purchase this service, I will draft a self-employed contract for you for hiring self-employed workers i.e. not on your payroll.

Assumptions this is based upon:

  • The client has no criminal record and passes all KYC and AML checks (provide proof of address and proof of identity to the lawyer’s request).
  • Governing law of England & Wales only.
  • The client has made themselves aware and comfortable with their selection of this service and the client is aware that by purchasing this service they are not advised on whether or not this product is suitable for a particular use, but rather they know that for themselves.

£450.00 +VAT

Creation of Staff Handbook

A staff handbook is a go-to document that employees can refer to if they have questions regarding their duties and rights. It sets out policies and procedures such as dress code policy, anti-bullying policy, policies for sick leave etc. It is regarded as one of the key foundational documents that a business is built on together with an employment contract.

£395.00 +VAT

Employment Contract Review

Issuing or receiving employment contracts can be daunting. Whilst they need to protect your business’ interests, they also need to be fair and comply with current employment legislation.

You may want to know if the standard employment template you’ve been using is legally compliant, or you may have questions about some new clauses you want to add into your existing contracts.

For a one-time and fixed-price fee, we can provide a review of your employment contract alongside a summary of observations and recommendations based on your concerns.

£165.00 +VAT

Non-solicitation clause

Having a non-solicitation clause written into your employment contract will ensure that an employee cannot pursue business from your clients once their employment has ended. Whilst this agreement will help to protect your business, in order for it to be enforceable, it must be both reasonable and legally compliant. Get a non-solicitation agreement drafted by a legal professional and feel safe in the knowledge that your client base is protected.

£250.00 +VAT

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