Colin Ward

Colin Ward

CW Contract Law and Legal
A contract law specialist operating with £1m PI insurance under the parameters of The Legal Services Act 2007 in unreserved areas. Experience in contracts with SMEs and multinationals such as Philips, Nestle, and Thales. Specialist in simplifying complex legal wording (legalese) into plain simple English law that works, so you are able to understand the legal wording that affects your business.
8 Yrs Experience


Standard Terms and Conditions

Written T&Cs clearly define the agreement between your business and your customers/clients, so everyone knows where they stand...


Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, also known as a Confidentiality Agreement, protects the business information you share with third parties...


Debtors’ Late Payment Service

Having to chase payments? Don’t let a debtor take time away from your business. Hire a legal advisor...


Contract/Agreement Review

Are you worried about your legal document/Agreement/Contract/Terms and Conditions? We can offer you a review that will set...


What my clients have said

We couldn't recommend him highly enough

Rated 5 out of 5
18 January 2022

We engaged CW Contract Law and Legal to draft a contract for an important client for us, who was very particular about specific clauses and ways of working. CW delivered a bespoke document which understood the agency/client specifics and the client signed the contract. Working with CW is always a reliable and effortless experience.
We couldn’t recommend him highly enough. We have since recommended him to our clients – as we trust him and he always does a great job. His prices are fair too, which is always a bonus.

He is very sharp, dedicated, and always on point

Rated 5 out of 5
18 January 2022

Colin at CW Contract Law is one of the most wonderful and supportive people I have ever worked with. He is very sharp, dedicated, always on point and has never failed me. He has helped me in many legal situations I have had to deal with, his vast experience and knowledge is reflected in his work and ability to deal with any legal situation. I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who requires legal services.

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