Terms and Conditions


Sold By: Lia Gaffney


A set of Terms and conditions will help any business be and remain compliant.

Need to make sure you and your clients are on the same page but not sure where to start? This is the perfect opportunity to align expectations, outline what your business does, and ensure obligations are clear from the beginning of any business transaction.


The Service will Cover: 

  • An initial 15-minute call to align objectives and understand your business and your needs
  • A draft document with outlined terms and conditions
  • 1 set of corrections

The Service Excludes:

  • Extra communication or revisions outside of the ones provided
  • Bespoke legal advice
  • Review of an existing document

Assumptions this service is based upon:

  • You are based in England or Wales
  • This service outlines a tailored but basic T&C service. If you think you may need a bespoke document- book a call. 

What you need to provide:

  • Some information about your business
  • The first step after the purchase will be to provide verification of your identity and supply the following documentation so your legal expert can complete their ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) checks. Please have the following at hand:
    • Company name
    • Registration number
    • VAT number (if applicable)
    • Country of incorporation
    • Key contacts and associated contact details including email and mobile

We want to support you!

Thank you for purchasing my Terms and Conditions service. I look forward to working with you.

Mark Niven