Franchising Consultation

With this franchising consultation, you can learn the basics about buying a franchise, what to expect, what due diligence you should carry out, and what questions to ask. All at a fixed fee. The internet has plenty of resources but nothing can substitute years of experience and legal industry knowledge from a specialist franchising solicitor.

Who this service is for

A franchising consultation is a perfect product for anyone looking to start their own business and considering buying a franchise.
Key benefits

  • Connect with an experienced lawyer quickly and simply
  • Get a qualified opinion on your issue/s
  • Upfront and transparent pricing
  • Work with an expert Franchise Lawyer

What happens after purchase?

Your lawyer will onboard you (KYC, conflicts checks, and client care letter - if applicable)
You send supporting material to the lawyer ahead of the meeting
Consultation takes place
Lawyer sends an email to summarize high level points from the conversation and quotes for any further work required
Leave a review and testimonial of your experience for future customers


What the service will cover
  • 1-hour consultation to discuss the basics of franchising and whether it may be suited to the potential franchisee
  • Assistance with what questions to ask a potential franchisor and what to look out for during the initial research and discussions
What the service excludes
  • Any follow up work that is required as a result of the consultation
  • Any drafting of a Franchise Agreement or associated documents
  • A formal Franchise Agreement Review
  • Negotiations

Please note: the above can be offered at an additional fee 

What you need to provide
  • Some background on why you are looking at franchising, any franchises in particular that you are interested in and any particular points or questions you would like to discuss;
  • The first step after the purchase will be to provide verification of your identity and supply the following documentation so your adviser can carry out their ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) checks. Please have the following at hand but note that this may not be a complete list:
    • Company name, VAT number (if applicable), registration number
    • Key contacts and associated contact details including email and mobile
    • The names and home addresses of all directors
    • Home utility bill (no more than 3 months old) and passport for every person who owns or controls more than 25% of the voting rights of your business
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£350.00 +VAT

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£350.00 +VAT

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