Employee Handbook

Growing your team? As you take on more employees, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive employee handbook. Your employees can refer to it (alongside their employment contract) if they have questions relating to their duties and rights.

The handbook sets out policies and procedures such as shared parental leave, anti-bullying policy, policies for sick leave to name a few. It’s an important document for your business, ensuring that all your employees are treated fairly and that your staff know what’s expected of them.

What you will get from this service

A 30-minute consultation with your lawyer. You’ll discuss:

  • The policies usually included in the Employment Handbook and whether or not they are all relevant to your business.
  • How the policies will be tailored to your business.
  • Your specific questions about the handbook
  • The key information your lawyer needs from you to draft the handbook

You’ll receive a professionally drafted, fully comprehensive employment handbook, tailored to your business which includes policies / procedures on the following issues:

  • Workplace: Dress code, expenses, flexible working, IT and communications systems, social media, relationships at work, smoking, work-related social events, company car policy
  • Absences: Holidays, sickness, antenatal appointments, adoption appointments, maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity leave, shared parental leave, time off for dependants, compassionate leave, medical appointments, dental appointments, menopause
  • Behaviour: Anti-harassment and bullying, Anti-corruption and bribery, Whistleblowing, disciplinary and capability procedure, grievances.
  • Health & Safety
  • Recruitment: Equal opportunities, recruitment of ex-offenders
  • Redundancy
  • Data Protection
  • Modern-day slavery and anti-trafficking

What this service will enable you to do

You will have a comprehensive document that you can use to:

  • Induct new employees. They sign to agree they have read and understood the handbook.
  • Standardise the way you treat all your employees in certain situations.
  • Clarify employees’ rights and responsibilities.
    Show legal compliance with current legislation and ACAS Codes of Practice.
  • Demonstrate you have acted fairly and reasonably towards your employees
  • Give employees an excellent first impression of your organisation, showing that you take their rights seriously.

What happens after I hire a lawyer?

1. Onboarding

You send your lawyer proof of ID and address and your lawyer checks for conflicts. You send any relevant documentation to your lawyer. Your lawyer send you a client engagement letter to sign and return.

2. Personal Consultation

Choose between a phone, online or face-to-face meeting with your lawyer

3. Draft documentation

Your lawyer sends you a draft version of the document for you to review

4. Revisions and approval

You review the draft, provide comments if necessary, and request revisions. Your lawyer will provide you with another iteration, incorporating your changes as far as possible. Once you’re happy with the document, you approve the final version.

5. Leave a review of your Experience

Leave a review for Legal Drop and your lawyer