Licensing Agreement

If you’re thinking about granting another party with a license to use your brand name or intellectual property, a professionally written document is the way to go. Choose one of our experienced lawyers to draft a Licensing Agreement that is compliant with the law. When you’re expanding your business and breaking into new markets, it can be cost-effective to share your brand name, trademark, intellectual property or patented technology with another person or business. To make this partnership work, it is highly recommended that both parties sign a licensing agreement. This contract will legally allow the licensee to use and earn revenue from your service/product or intellectual property as you see your brand and reputation protected. If you’re a business owner trying to make more sales or have a patented technology to expand, for instance, and you’re granting a license to another party know that this is the path to follow – having a fool-proof licensing agreement drafted by an experienced lawyer. The license agreement creates healthy boundaries between you and your licensee and clearly sets out the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties, including the terms of usage. Before hiring a lawyer for this service, please have in mind:
  • This service is only for drafting a licensing agreement.
  • If you have received a licensing agreement that you would like a lawyer to review before you sign, please see our service for reviewing documents.
  • If you’d like a lawyer to review your existing licensing agreement to advise on its effectiveness, please consult the service for reviewing documents.

What you will get from this service

A 60-minute consultation with your lawyer to align objectives, where you’ll discuss:
  • The terms of usage, including the time and geographical regions within which the licensee can use your property.
  • Whether it’s an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement.
  • Payment terms.
  • Your objectives and specific questions about the document.
Receive a professionally drafted licensing agreement to use between your company and a specified licensee.

What this service will enable you to do

With a License Agreement drafted by a lawyer, you’ll get to:
  • Have a formal, legally binding document that regulates the relationship between your business and your licensee.
  • Have a cost-effective way to expand your brand, trademark, or patented technology into new markets.
  • Have a clear roadmap for any disputes or disagreements relating to sales, issues of quality, or royalties.
  • Clarity on each party’s roles, rights, responsibilities, and obligations for the duration of the contract.

What happens after I hire a lawyer?

1. Onboarding

You send your lawyer proof of ID and address and your lawyer checks for conflicts. You send any relevant documentation to your lawyer. Your lawyer send you a client engagement letter to sign and return.

2. Personal Consultation

Choose between a phone, online or face-to-face meeting with your lawyer

3. Draft documentation

Your lawyer sends you a draft version of the document for you to review

4. Revisions and approval

You review the draft, provide comments if necessary, and request revisions. Your lawyer will provide you with another iteration, incorporating your changes as far as possible. Once you’re happy with the document, you approve the final version.

5. Leave a review of your Experience

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