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Get the legal advice you need in three easy steps.

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Find your service

Find the legal services you need through our extensive menu or get in touch with our team who will listen to your needs and match you to the right legal adviser.


Select a legal adviser

Compare the legal advisers who are offering the service you need, take advantage of the free 15 minute consultations and then choose the adviser you want to work with.

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Hire and contact your legal adviser

Book a meeting directly with your chosen advisor via their profile or we can arrange the meeting for you.

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The (not so) small print

Get clear on what you’re getting before you instruct an adviser.

What is included:

Get an exact idea of what you are paying for and what work your adviser is going to do for you.

What is not included:

There may be additional or incidental elements that are not included in the initial price quoted for the scope of work you have asked for. These can be purchased separately should you need it. Find out what these are before you proceed.


Some services are more complex than others. Make sure this service is right for you and that you understand the assumptions and align them with your situation.

Can’t fit in the assumptions? Not a problem, get in touch with us to discuss.