Charter of Working

The Mi Terms Charter of Working outlines the expectations from our Members and any Legal Professional when communicating and working with clients referred through the Platform. Mi Terms UK Ltd helps businesses purchase legal services at a fixed price, therefore eliminating the barriers that currently discourage them from instructing lawyers due to a lack of trust & price uncertainty. By abiding by our charter of working and guiding principles, members will be able to effectively serve the needs of our clients to provide confidence and certainty when instructing them.

In short, this means that you should always treat people the way in which you want to be treated.

Members and Legal Professionals should always:

  • Ensure that they are both pro-active and responsive in all communications with clients referred by Mi Terms. Responsiveness is vitally important, always getting back to the client as soon as reasonably possible, preferably within the same working day. Even if only to acknowledge their communication and advise them on the timescales expected.
  • Be conscious that clients may not fully understand legal jargon and therefore commit to providing all communication in simple plain English.
  • Ensure that both parties fully understand the case before proceeding.
  • Provide full and complete answers at all times.
  • Clearly explain the costs, what they include and importantly, what they do not include

As an ambassador of Mi Terms, we expect all members to be professional, respectful of our values and maintain a positive image of the Mi Terms brand.


Responsible Communication

  • Make sure all parties communicate clearly and understand the intention behind each other’s words.
  • Truly hear what the client is saying.
  • Avoid complex legal language and wherever possible always communicate in plain English.


Always be honest, consistent, and accurate. If you say you will do something, commit to it and do it.


Always be fair in your expectation and we will ask the client to do the same.


Take accountability for your actions and decisions and commit to resolving any issues that may arise.


It’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice – always treat the other side with courtesy and respect.


Duties of Members

  • Members commit to ensuring all content provided on the platform related to them is accurate and up to date with the latest information.
  • Conflict of Interest - You must declare and resolve any conflicts of interests and decline to act if they cannot be resolved.
  • Members have a duty to ensure that they fully comply with all obligations and requirements of SRA regulation, along with relevant employment law, equalities, the human rights act, health and safety law, data protection, and freedom of information legislation.
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