A better way for SMEs to get their legals done

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This is LegalDrop

We are a team of industry leaders who knew there had to be a better, easier, simpler way for SMEs to search the market for their legal needs.

We had to throw out the conventional ways of working and – for the first time – give control to the customer. So you would get the power and freedom to search, select and hire legal support the way you want to.

We’ve seen how thousands of small business owners regularly put off dealing with legal issues because they find the whole thing confusing, expensive, complex and just too much effort.

But that all ends here.

At LegalDrop, our clear, online comparison platform makes it easy to match your needs to a wide choice of vetted legal advisers.

Pricing is clear, simple and straightforward.

All advisers are pre-vetted, speak plain English and are upfront about their services and fees. And each one is 100% committed to offering clear and accessible services.

And because we aren’t a bunch of robots, you can simply call us whenever you need us.

LegalDrop. Choice. Service. Simplicity.

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CEO, LegalDrop Ltd.

Our Values



Our team is here to help you find and identify the legal help you need. We want to make it easy for you to choose and talk to one of our thoroughly vetted advisers confidently. And with transparent fees and clear briefs, you know that you’ll get the legal services you need with a cost you can see upfront.



We are committed to being simple, clear and transparent in everything we say. That means no legal jargon, no confusion about fees, just easy-to-understand plain English. And if you ever need to talk to us, our expert customer service team is here to help clarify what you need.



We are here to connect you to our ground-breaking way of working. To connect you to a simpler, easier way to engage and pay for the legal services you need. And to connect you to our team here so you always get the support you need.

We’ll help to match you with your preferred legal professional