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Agreements & Contracts

Docs to collaborate with a person or business such as shareholders, partners and new employees.

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Startups & Fundraising

Sell your product or service legally and ensure you can enforce commercial terms with robust T&C’s.

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Take Legal Action

Get advice on debts and disputes or launch legal action if you feel you’ve been wronged and are seeking justice.

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All Other Legals

GDPR, Brexit, Trademarks and patents, raising funds, you name it. Our advisors can get your legals in order.

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What they're saying

Some happy LegalDroppers

“Beata from the Regen team was an absolute pleasure to deal with! The whole process was clear, concise, on time, and within budget.

Managing Director

"Creating a startup can be quite overwhelming! But LegalDrop connected us with the right people to make sure our legal compliance was airtight.

Startup Founder

What they're saying

Some happy LegalDroppers

Some of our legal advisers

Beáta Dunn


Molly Cronin

BEB Consultancy

Vicky Grobbelaar


Colin Ward

CW Contract Law and Legal

Helen Phillips

The Contract Doctor

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